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Sunday school is a happening place!  In October, we welcomed the new young members during the cradle roll graduation.  The 14 members of our 3rd grade class received their Bibles the same Sunday.  The children also sang during worship on the last Sunday. We finished our lessons on Moses this month with short refresher lessons on the hardships the Israelites faced during their journey and how God provided for them.  We talked about the 10 commandments and how they are relevant to us today.

In November we will have a one week review of the battle of Jericho since it is part of the Israelites journey to the promised land. Our last lesson on 2019 will be Hannah and Samuel.  We need 3 teachers and 2 helpers for this lesson.


I encourage all preschool - 4th grade children to come and join us at G-XP on Wednesday nights.  We do a lesson, play games, craft projects, service projects, and enjoy some music.  We have a lot of fun each week!

Christmas Program

We will also begin preparations for the Christmas program.   A volunteer meeting will be held on Sunday, November 10 after worship to review and discuss the play and assign volunteers.  There are many areas which you can help with such as costumes, directing, sets, video/photo, music, props, stage directors, child assistants, etc.  The play information will be distributed then so please let me know if you can help, if you are able to attend the meeting, and what you would like to help with.

The children will be practicing the songs we will be singing for the program from 9:15 - 9:30 in the sanctuary before going to class.  Wednesday night practices are on 12/4 and 12/11.  12/11 and 12/15 will be a dress rehearsal for the program.  Parts will be assigned and distributed to the children in November.

We also need to borrow costumes and toys for this years production.  We will label your items and will have them available at the end of the service for you to pick up.  If you have a child in Sunday school that would like to wear the costume you provide, please let me know so I can designate them for that role.  We need a Power Ranger, Star Wars characters (Darth Vader, Obi Wan Kenobi, and Luke Skywalker - with light saber), 1-2 Dolls (that we have a costume for), 1-2 Stuffed Animals (that we have a costume for), GI Joe, Barbie, Ken, Harry Potter, Woody, Buzz Light-year, Batman, Superman, and a Transformer.

Volunteer Request

As always we need help both with Sunday School leaders and helpers. With the number of students that we have it is difficult for the leaders to teach effectively without helpers for the children.  We have a few faithful leaders, but would welcome some new or returning leaders because several of these faithful have work obligations at least 1 Sunday a month.  Another part-time role I have for the school year would be photographing the children during Sunday School.  This would not need to be done every week.  I would just like to have some photos we can share with the congregation.

There are signup sheets on the table outside of my office if you would like to sign up as a teacher or helper.  You can also contact me at 896-3272 or by email at

Upcoming Activities for November and December:

  • 11/10 -  (11:30 after worship) Sunday School Christmas Program volunteer meeting

  • 11/24 - no Sunday school because of Thanksgiving

  • 12/4 -   6:30-7:30 Christmas program practice

  • 12/11 - 6:30-7:30 Christmas program practice

  • 12/15 - Christmas program

  • 12/22 - no Sunday school because of Christmas break

  • 12/29 - no Sunday school because of Christmas break


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