Greetings from WELCA:

Another Valentine Luncheon has come and gone. Eighty guests attended and were beautifully treated to a lovely lunch prepared and served by our capable kitchen elves (men). After lunch, we went into the sanctuary and heard music sung by the Highland Voices from Caledonia. This marks the 35th Valentine event at Cross of Christ.


W/ELCA continued to chug along with projects that affirm our commitment to Christian works as we again met for our periodic Do-Days on February 10 and 11. I continue to be impressed by the devotion to providing warm quilts to those around the world who haven't the means to provide for themselves. An astonishing number of quilts were completed while others are in the process. On Monday we had 23 workers and an additional 15 on Tuesday who produced  3 quilts for missions and 16 for sale or for graduating seniors in our congregation. There also are 10 in various stages of completion which will be completed next time we meet. I never cease to be amazed at the accomplishments of these dedicated women. Our next Do-Days will be on March 16 and 17.


Aside from our work days and the Valentine Luncheon, World Day of Prayer will be hosted by Money Creek Methodist Church on Friday, March 6, at 1:30. The program, produced by the Women of Zimbabwe, is titled  Rise! Take Your Mat and Walk and will be presented by members of each of the churches in our community. Pastor Clay of Bethany Free Church will preach.


Submitted by,

Susan Ferries, W/ELCA president






Personal Care Kits—Mauritania

Personal Care Kits—Tanzania

School Kits—Mauritania

School Kits—Nicaragua

School Kits—Lebanon

School Kits—Georgia

School Kits—Djibouti



36th Annual Valentine Brunch

The 36th Annual Valentine's Brunch was held on February 8, 2020. Guests filled the fellowship hall donned in their vibrant red clothing. It was a nice break in our stubborn winter weather of cold and snow. The brunch was prepared and served by the Cross of Christ "Men in Mission" with special recipes that included a spinach bacon egg bake, caramel french toast and fresh fruit all displayed elegantly on each plate.  The "Highland Voices" from Caledonia entertained singing a variety of familiar love songs to commemorate Valentine's Day.

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