Greetings from WELCA:

Susan Ferries, WELCA president


  • "Lutheran World Relief recently learned that three 40-foot shipping

cotainers filled with thousands of handmade mission quilts and school, personal and baby care kits were destroyed in the devastating August 4 explosions at the port of Beirut, Lebanon.

The shipment was destined for refugees living in Lebanon, principally            from Syria and the Palestinian territories. The containers were part of a ship   ment to be distributed by Anera, an NGO and longtime Lutheran World Relief partner that serves refugees and other vulnerable communities in the Middle East. The total value of the lost shipments was approximately $624,000.

The loss of more than 22,000 quilts, sewn by individuals and members of Lutheran congregations across the U.S., could mean a more bitter winter for thousands of refugees.


“Our quilts are made with love by those who painstakingly craft them, and they’re deeply appreciated by the people in distress who receive them, both for the warmth and the message of care they provide,” said Melanie Gibbons, deputy director, outreach and engagement at Lutheran World Relief."

Notice to Do-Day Quilters:

September 14-18, 2020

Yes, Quilting for 5 days!



Dear members of Cross of Christ WELCA. I have missed you! We have not had much activity; however, the time is coming when we will carefully reassemble for quilting and kits--both health and school. We are behind, but not as far behind as we could be, since the disastrous mishap with the quilts abroad. We still have the quilts that we assembled and can add to those. Consecutive work days will be held the week of September 14th  and the number of workers will be limited. Let Twyla Thorson 896-3881 know your availability so those days can be scheduled.

Time to get busy!

36th Annual Valentine Brunch

The 36th Annual Valentine's Brunch was held on February 8, 2020. Guests filled the fellowship hall donned in their vibrant red clothing. It was a nice break in our stubborn winter weather of cold and snow. The brunch was prepared and served by the Cross of Christ "Men in Mission" with special recipes that included a spinach bacon egg bake, caramel french toast and fresh fruit all displayed elegantly on each plate.  The "Highland Voices" from Caledonia entertained singing a variety of familiar love songs to commemorate Valentine's Day.

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