Summited by Susan Ferrries on behalf of W/ELCA

W/ELCA worked so hard this year to assemble and create items for people abroad. It was reported earlier that many school kits, health kits, and quilts were assembled and we recently received a report that the School Kits were sent to the Republic of Georgia and the Health Kits went to Lebanon and Haiti. It is gratifying to know that the work of our women has benefitted those who are in need around the world. We have not yet received a report on our quilts.
Valentines were delivered Friday for the Valley View and Heritage Court residents.

It has been decided that World Day of Prayer, which was to be hosted by Cross of Christ, will not be held in person this year due to the Covid crisis. It is an international celebration the first Friday of March every year. The program was prepared by the World Day of Prayer committee of Vanuatu, an archipelago off the continent of Australia. The theme this year is "Build on a Strong Foundation" and based on Matthew 7: 24-27.

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From the Do-Days Quilters:

Thank you to everyone who helped with our marathon quilting!

59 Quilts were made for LWR missions in five days. With what we had made in the spring about 70 quilts will be sent out in October!


*The quilters are in need of good sheets for quilt backs. We can also use blankets for the middle or filling of the quilts. If you can donate any of these items please drop them off in the Quilting Room.  

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36th Annual Valentine Brunch

The 36th Annual Valentine's Brunch was held on February 8, 2020. Guests filled the fellowship hall donned in their vibrant red clothing. It was a nice break in our stubborn winter weather of cold and snow. The brunch was prepared and served by the Cross of Christ "Men in Mission" with special recipes that included a spinach bacon egg bake, caramel french toast and fresh fruit all displayed elegantly on each plate.  The "Highland Voices" from Caledonia entertained singing a variety of familiar love songs to commemorate Valentine's Day.