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Cross of Christ is instituting a new way to give which may be especially helpful for those in our agricultural community of grain producers. Called, Gifts of Grain, an account has been established at the Farmers Co-op Elevator in the name of Cross of Christ. If you are a producer who wishes to give a portion of a load, one or several loads of grain, simply let the WINN Farmer's Elevator know you wish for the sale of the grain to be given to Cross of Christ. A check for the grain proceeds will be sent to the church. The producer will not have to pay income tax on the profit or the self-employment tax.
Our church family is a beautiful tapestry of individuals who give of their time, talent and treasures in many ways to Cross of Christ. Giving is an opportunity to honor the Lord for all the abundant blessings He gives our lives, faith, family, work, and the beauty of nature he bestows on us.


The Ministry of Volunteering:


I am very proud and thankful to have so many of our members volunteer freely and often to carry out our various Cross of Christ ministries. It’s not news that we are experiencing a number of Covid-19 related unique challenges in the way we carry out our ministries. And the need for volunteers is great. Here are some examples:

Greeters: Located at church entrances to assure all who enter for in-person worship are feeling well, wearing masks, social distancing, using hand sanitizer and practicing safety precautions as described in our Preparedness Plan and more.

Ushers: As members arrive, explain seating arrangements, bulletin placement in pews, location of offering plate(s), release members after worship in a prescribed manner, pick up and discard unused bulletins, and more.

Communion Preparation and Clean Up: Before worship: prepare individual communion cups and wafer envelopes and place in front of the church on a cart. Prepare altar with appropriate communion vessels. After worship: remove, clean up and store communion service as necessary.

Readers:  Read from our Holy Scriptures at the lectern during worship.

Audio-Visual Assistance: We are reaching a large number of our members plus non-members with our weekly on-line service on Facebook Live. At this time we are using Pr. Linda’s cell phone and she is the primary person responsible for setting up our AV system not only for Sunday morning worship but also for funerals. She is only one person and fully admits we could do better in this area. We do have funds to purchase some additional AV equipment but Pr. Linda could use some advice on what that might be and assistance on setting it up. So we are inviting any members who are tech savvy to volunteer their skills in helping Pr. Linda implement some needed improvements in our AV technology.

Altar Guild: Kathy Olson, chair of the Worship and Music cabinet on council is in the process of updating the altar guild’s function and asks for volunteers to carry out such things as changing of the paraments and more.


Cross of Christ members: I encourage you to prayerfully consider volunteering as you are able for any of these areas of need within our church and I sincerely thank you for your support. Please contact the church office to inform our office administrator Amanda Langheinrich how you would like to participate. 507-896-3102 or


In Christ’s love,

Lynn Meyer, President Congregation Council

Craft Club Cancelled!


There are New Cards for sale in the Narthex for $.50 each.


Thank you!

Craft Club Members



A 13-week seminar/support group for those grieving the loss of someone close to you.

Wednesdays, Sept. 9 - Dec. 9

Meeting at Rushford Lutheran Church

$15 registration fee (Scholarships available)

For more info and to preregister, call Becky at 507-923-9051

“Red” Pickles to be Sold


WELCA has been blessed by Donna Van Gundy who prepared some of her special “red” pickles to be sold. These are the red pickles that are served at Cross of Christ’s Fall Supper. They are wonderful for the holidays! They are refrigerator pickles and will keep for a long time in your refrigerator (all winter). They come in pints for $5 each or quarts for  $10 each. They are available at church,

the pickles are located in the refrigerator in the “Youth Room” along with a money box (exact change please). Call-896-3102  or email the church office if you have any questions. Get them while they last!!



Cross of Christ is in need of help with Ushering duties for the church service.

If you are interested or want more information, please contact the church office or Jim Edwards.

From the Library Shelves

November 2020

Shelley Jerviss, Librarian

The Master Quilter by Jennifer Chiaverini – The Elm Creek Quilters are as surprised as anyone when their beloved matriarch, Sylvia Bergstrom Compson, marries her sweetheart, Andrew at a festive holiday gathering at her ancestral home on Christmas Eve. Eager to celebrate the union, her friends decide to create a beautiful wedding quilt to warm the newlyweds home and hearts. A secret with such good intentions, they reason, couldn’t possibly do anyone harm. But although the quilting retreat established at Elm Creek Manor is a place where quilters share their creativity, their challenges, and their dreams, somehow in their haste to find a way to honor the wisdom, skill and devotion of their favorite Master quilter, they forget that sometimes secrets drive friends apart instead of drawing them closer. As financial troubles, relationship struggles and unexpected opportunities beyond Elm Creek Quilt Camp test the bonds of friendship, the quilters must find a way to stitch together more than Sylvia’s Bridal Sampler to make a happy ending.

Stitch of Courage, A Woman’s Fight for Freedom by Linda K. Hubalek – We think the Civil war took place in the South, but the plains states endured their share of battles and tragedy. Not only did Kansas and Missouri experience a resurgence in the terrorist raids that had plagued them in the years before the war, but the Confederate Army tried several times to sweep across the Great Plains and capture the West. This book tells the story of the orphaned Maggie Kennedy, who followed her brothers to Kansas in the late 1850’s. the niece of Margaret Ralston Kennedy, married the son of Deborah Pieratt, whose story was told in Trail of Thread. In letters to her sister in Ohio, Maggie describes how the women of Kansas faced the demons of the Civil War, fighting bravely to protect their homes and families while never knowing from one day to the next whether their men were alive or dead on a far-away battlefield.

Sensible Shoes, A Story about the Spiritual Journey by Sharon Garlough Brown – Follow the stories of four women as they are drawn into a spiritual formation journey at a retreat center. This book is written with a compelling narrative weaving their lives together, it also takes the reader into a new understanding of key spiritual practices and offers support for those who want to travel deeper into life with God themselves. This is the first of the four books in this collection, the other three are Two Steps Forward, Barefoot, and An Extra Mile. The first book was introduced to the Women’s Bible Study Group of Cross of Christ, for those of you that were in that group you may find the other three listed here quite interesting. These books were donated by Lynn Meyer.


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