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Spring Cleaning at Stone Church

From the Library Shelves

Shelley Jerviss, Librarian

Too Hot, Went to Lake by Peg Meier
This is a delightful collection of old photographs of Minnesota and its people. With light-hearted humor and fascinating anecdotes, this is a history book that is easy to enjoy. Inside are more than 300 photos. They prove that Minnesotans' obsession with the seasons goes far back. You'll find pictures of picnics, blizzards, sports teams, gardens, dance recitals and harvests. You'll see women about to embark on a road trip to California in 1925, hunters in the 1880's, a Christmas pageant around 1900 and State Fair Prize winners in 1926. The author is an award-winning reporter for the Star Tribune newspaper in Minneapolis and the author of four other Minnesota books, including "Bring Warm Clothes" which we also have in the library. She poked around the state and examined many thousands of photos at historical societies, choosing the liveliest and most appealing. Her photo selection and writing show her appreciation of the small pleasures of everyday life. You'll find intriguing mysteries in this book, and you may be able to help solve them. This book also contains unidentified photos. Maybe you can help identify some of them.


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