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Schedule -Coffee hour Hosts-10:30 AM
May 12 Cheryl Skifton, Denise Rostad
May 19 Confirmation Day - Krin Abraham, Lisa Skifton
May 26 Stone Church Coffee following worship - Bring Cookies to share


Cross of Christ’s Little Free Pantry

Please help us keep our Little Free Pantry stocked with these items.

Please add your donation to the pantry located by the Memorial Shade Garden.


Meals in a box (Mac and Cheese,

pasta ( Hamburger Helper),

rice or soup kits

Dried peas, beans, and lentils

Instant potatoes

Cereal Crackers

Granola bars

Pasta Rice

Nuts and seeds (sesame)



Rolled oats

Dried milk powder


Toothbruch Tissue

Toilet paper

Paper towels


FAQ’s Cross of Christ Carpet/Asbestos Project

  • What does the project include? The current carpet and the asbestos tiles will be removed. The Fellowship Hall will be painted and then the new carpet will be installed.

  • Is it necessary to remove the asbestos? The church council voted unanimously to remove the asbestos and lay new carpet. This decision was made because if the asbestos tiles were to break during the carpet removal the asbestos would become airborne. This would create a hazardous environment. The project would then have to be shut down immediately. A professional abatement company would need to be called to come to remove all of the tiles appropriately. The church council chose not to take this risk and pay for the abatement.

  • Why were carpet tiles selected instead of rolled carpet or solid flooring? Carpet tiles were chosen for several reasons that include: for safety to help prevent slips and falls, carpet absorbs sounds and reduces echo and for the ease of cleaning. If there is a stain an individual carpet tile can be removed for cleaning or replacement. Extensive research was conducted before carpet tiles were recommended. Carpet tiles are being used at the Minneapolis Airport, Gundersen and Mayo Health Systems, Viterbo University, and the School District of La Crosse. Even our own church nursery has carpet tiles.

  • How was the carpet selected? The committee viewed products from 3 separate flooring companies. Stain tests were performed on various samples. Coffee was poured on 2 spots on each sample. One spot was cleaned up immediately. One spot was left for 3 days and then cleaned up using only water. The color that was selected had the best results from this experiment.

  • How do we know that we are getting a good value for our money? The committee sought bids from three asbestos abatement companies and also three flooring companies.

  • How long will this project take? The church council has dedicated the majority of the summer for the completion of this project. Funerals can be hosted at the Stone Church during this time. The asbestos removal will begin June 1. The church will be closed to all activities during this time. For safety reasons during the asbestos removal no one is allowed in the building, with the exception of Pastor Dana and Karen. If you have other questions, please contact Lyn or Chuck Halvorson.

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