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Keep in Prayer our Military Personnel from the Houston area:

Keep in prayer our military personnel from the Houston Area:

Shawn Feller – U. S. Air Force

Zach Stackhouse – U.S. Army Reserves

Jessica Gaustad-Ahlburg – U.S. Army

Jeffery VanGundy – National Guards

Tom & Heather Hegland-U.S.Air Force

Lauren Johnson – U.S. Air Force

Mike Swenson – U.S. Marines

Quentin Johnson – U.S. Marines

John Erickson – U.S. Air Force

Peter Jergenson – U.S. Air Force

Hope Stremcha – U.S. Army

Joey Snyder – U.S. Air Force

Joshua Vix – U.S. Army Reserves

Chris Meyer – U.S. Air Force

Sam Montgomery – U.S. Air Force

Andy Woxland – U.S. Navy

Jacob Rogich – U.S. Marines

Nick Skree – National Guard

Nicole Rogich – U.S. Marines

Victor Henk – U.S. Navy

Jason Hill – U.S. Marines

James Hill – U.S. Air Force

Alex Townsend – U.S. Air Force

Roy Kerrigan – Air National Guard

Gretchen Hill – U.S. Air Force


Addresses of our military personnel are needed: If you know the address of one of the above military personnel, please call Sharon Knudsen (896-2020) and give her the address. We would like to send greetings to each of our military personnel from the area.

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