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Online Giving to Cross of Christ

Simply Giving

     Some of you might remember the grapes graphic as the picture that was included on the Simply Giving paperwork. Simply Giving, as a name in Vanco, does not exist anymore due to copyright infringement with a company based out of Southeast Asia. For those who had an account set up by the church office in Simply Giving, your account is still active in the Vanco system. If you would like to manage this account yourself, you may find your account in the Vanco app (search "Vanco Mobile Faith Engagement") and make your own changes to your account.  To search for Cross of Christ in the Vanco platform, search for Cross of Christ, Houston MN to get to the correct church. In this way you can change anything that was originally set up in Give Plus or Simply Giving.
      For those who would like to utilize the church office for changes to your account, the church office administrator is very willing to assist you. For example, if you have recently changed your bank and need to change routing numbers for your electronic giving, you can call or email the church office with the new routing number for your bank and for your new account. Please include the former bank and account information since many members have more than one account set up in Vanco and we want to ensure the correct account is modified. 
      For those who want to use envelopes, we have "forever" envelopes that are not dated so they, like the forever stamps, never become outdated. Envelope packets are available in the narthex.
     If you have any questions about any of the giving options, please contact the church office.


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