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Cross of Christ 9:30 AM

 Facebook Live will be at 9:30)





  • Continue to mail your offerings to the church office.

  • Send a text to 507-260-0765. It’s simple and secure.

Give through our online GivePlus+. To get started, download GivePlus Church for free from the App Store or Google Play. Then, you can easily make donations directly from your smartphone using your debit/credit card or checking/savings account.



Lately, questions have emerged about giving methods. For the past several weeks, an article about the Vanco app has been in the Parish Visitor, which caused some to ask questions. The questions about the Vanco Mobile App, Give Plus App, and Simply Giving demonstrated that we need to do a better job communicating to our congregation. Of these three, Give Plus no longer exists. If you created an account in Give Plus, you will need to create a new account in Vanco Mobile. However, if you set up a recurring gift in Give Plus, that will continue even though the app no longer can be accessed. If you had the church office set you up in Simply Giving, that account is still active, but it is now housed in the Vanco platform. Therefore, all electronic giving is now through Vanco (Download the Vanco Mobile app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store). To search for Cross of Christ in the Vanco platform, search for Cross of Christ, Houston MN to get to the correct church. In this way you can change anything that was originally set up in Give Plus or Simply Giving.
Some have asked for other methods other than Vanco to give electronically. Through your bank, you could set up Cross of Christ as an organization in your electronic bill pay option. You can set this up as a one-time payment to use when you want or as a recurring payment. Your bank will send a check to Cross of Christ with a check stub indicating the donation has been made by you. This method allows your donation to come to the church office so your donation can be entered into the church's accounting program so the donation gets added to the charitable giving statement you receive at the beginning of the year for the previous year's tax filing.
For those who want to use envelopes, we have "forever" envelopes that are not dated so they, like the forever stamps, never become outdated. Envelope packets are available in the narthex.
If you have any questions about any of the giving options, please contact the church office.

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