Last night, Thursday, September 22, the full Call Committee met with Pastor Barb Streed of the Synod Office to talk about their work in preparing for, coming up with questions to ask, and how the Pastoral candidates will be selected for interview at Cross of Christ.  The Call Committee will keep you informed of the process but they cannot share any details about candidates during the interview process for reasons of privacy.

The members were given a Synod document entitled "Call Process in the Southeastern Minnesota Synod - Phase Three".  This paper covers the process of Calling a Pastor in detail.  I had emailed this paper out to the members a couple of weeks ago and they had all read through it already; but Pastor Barb came with an updated version and handed it out.


I stayed for the beginning of the meeting but then left because from now on I will not be a part of the Call Committee as I was chair for the Transition Team earlier on.  This is because I need to limit any undue influence I might inadvertently have with the Committee.
The process for calling a Pastor has started!  We do not know how long it will take so keep the Call Committee in your prayers that the Holy Spirit may guide them into finding a candidate who will be a blessing to your congregation!

  • Remember also that there will be a Contemporary Worship Service this Sunday, September 25th.

In Christ,
Pastor Jeff Forbes