Thoughts from Pastor Linda

Steward our future church – August, 2020

For clarifying our thoughts and helping us to reset priorities, there’s nothing like a crisis – whether it’s a job layoff, a death in the family, social upheaval or a health emergency.

With Covid-19 we’ve witnessed plenty of all of these, and more! Despite our natural resistance to change, we’re learning new ways to live. As a disciple of Christ, what thoughts have clarified for you? As a follower of Jesus, what personal priorities have you reset?

The questions arise because you are the church, we are the church together and stewards of the church. We will pray the Holy Spirit will guide us to a “new normal” of holy living as both disciples and community that will be different – and better – than what we’ve known.

What might that look like? Here are some questions to pray over and discuss:

  • When our church suspended in-person worship, what ways did you find to stay connected to God? To one another? What did this teach you about holy living? About being church together?

  • Covid-19 forced us to “be church” without buildings. What has this revealed about the nature of community? About the value of buildings? As we go back into our buildings, how can things be different? Why must they be?

  • In light of what we’ve learned, what values, ideas, traditions, habits should we let go of? Which should we keep? What really matters? And why?

  • How can your insights, strengths and gifts help to shape the future of your life as a disciple and follower of Jesus? Of our congregation? What can you give to the future church in time, talent and treasure?

Covid-19’s crises are still teaching us. As stewards of God’s church, we can renew and restructure our church to fulfill God’s mission. With God’s guidance, we will.

When will this end? Most of us are wondering about or asking this question. Unfortunately, there’s not a really good answer at this time. We are learning to take life one day at a time, doing our best to love God and our neighbors, sharing, caring, and trusting. Thank you for your generosity, faith, and prayers. Together we are continuing important ministries that share Christ’s love with a hurting world.

Thank you for continuing to give as you are able so that our ministries and our mission of sharing Christ’s love with the world. Your prayers, your offerings, and your creative service even while practicing social distancing is inspiring. Truly you are God’s hands, eyes, heart, and feet in this world.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Linda


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