Thoughts from Pastor Linda

Stewarding Our Relationships: Rehab, Renew and Repair – June, 2021

“But the woman, knowing what had happened to her, came in fear and trembling, fell down before him, and told him the whole truth.” – Mark 5:33

Jesus was walking through a crowd when a sick woman, without asking first, touched him to be healed. When she was discovered, instead of a rebuke Jesus offers her love. How wonderful when we, too, can find strength and love to meet the needs of others in our daily lives.

Medical providers order rehabilitation – intensive exercises and therapy -- for patients to regain muscle strength and flexibility after a serious illness or injury.

The time is right for us to use the same approach for our friendships and family relationships after Covid-19. The worst seems over now that the vaccines are percolating through our nation, and we are entering the summer, when it is more comfortable to gather with a lower risk.

It will take serious rehab to repair and renew the friendships and family relationships that the pandemic forced us to neglect. Hunkered down in our homes for safety, we ceased gathering for friendship, fellowship, and recreation – the very activities that keep relationships strong. Cross of Christ put worship and social gatherings on hold.

The pandemic’s impact on relationships wielded a double whammy: It left us stressed and needing friends at the very time that Covid-19 prevented us from tending to our relationships. It has left us disconnected and hurting.

Keeping in mind that the risk is diminished but not gone, as summer unfolds, you can look for safe ways to rehab, renew and repair your relationships.

Reach out: Go through your list of friends and contact them by phone, email, text – whatever is best. Tell them you missed them and want to get together.

Make plans: Don’t put it off. Be creative and find safe ways to get together. Outdoors is safer. Backyard barbecues, coffee at a sidewalk café, a walk, a ball game, iced tea on the porch. It’s all good.

Every little step you take will help your relationship “muscles” to get stronger, and in the process, you’ll become healthier as the love, support and joy of friends and family flows into your heart.

In Christ’s Love,

Pastor Linda