Cross of Christ Church Council

Cross of Christ Boards

Executive Board


Pastor - Linda McPeak

President -Lynn Meyer

Secretary - Paige Markegard

Financial Admin. - Patrick Forsyth

Bluff Country Financial

Financial Secretary - Karen Todd




Property Cross of Christ Grounds

Joe Brueggen

Stewardship Cabinet

Ellen Hongerholt

Stone Church Cemetery Cabinet/Property

LeRoy Thompson

Evangelism Cabinet

Holly Westby/Lisa Onsgard

Finance Cabinet

Gwen Rostad

Youth Representative

Trent Edwards

Property/Cross of Christ Building

Keith Herek

Worship and Musicl Cabinet

Jenelle Lemke

Personnel Cabinet

Dan Peterson

Education Cabinet

Alysia Woodard

W/ELCA Representative

Sandy Fishel




Stone Church and St. Peter’s Cemetery Association

Royce Bergsgaard

Cheryl Eaton

LeRoy Thompson (Council Representative)


Synod Assembly

Lynn Meyer

Youth and Family

Jared and Amy Shimon


Diane Larson (Christian Education Supervisor)

Amy Shimon

Krin Abraham

Lyn Halvorson

Elsie Olson

Becky Carr


Nominating Committee (2018)

Dave Runningen





204 South Chase Street       Houston, MN 55943       


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