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Stone Church and

St. Peter’s Cemetery Association


Wayne Runningen

Vice chair: 

Gene Lundak


Cheryl Eaton


Patrick Forsyth


Denise Rostad

Council Rep: 

Le Roy Thompson

Stone Church Cemetery

Stone Church and St. Peter’s Cemetery Association

The  “Stone Church Cemetery and St. Peter’s Cemetery” on Highway  76 near Houston are dedicated to provide a dignified final resting place for our departed family and friends  We are an association with a board of directors.  Recently the association has gained a 501(c)13 status.  Donations and gifts are eligible for charitable tax deductions.

In the past our investments in CDs provided an income that covered our expenses.  We were receiving up to 11% return.  CDs are yielding only about .93% now.  The money form sales of gravesites has been invested with only the interest used for expenses such s lawn care, road maintenance, tree trimming and other improvements such as straightening gravestones.  We rely on memorials and gifts to help pay for these ongoing expenses.

Our share of the lawn care cost has increased.  We have recently added signs to both St. Peter’s and the Stone Church cemeteries.  They are mostly paid for but need to be completed in the spring.  We are in the process of developing a database for the cemeteries.  If we go with a professional plan the initial cost is high and it has annual fees.  Our intent is to develop a system that will be available to view on line for anyone researching our cemetery.

The cemeteries have always had great volunteers for spring cleanup, tree trimming, brush cutting and minor road care.  Lawn care is hired and professionally done.  We are planning to have leaning stones straightened and realigned.  The cemetery board is facing more expense than income without some generous help through gifts and memorials.  We are asking you to consider directing memorials to the “Stone Church and St. Peter’s Cemetery Association”.  Gifts to the cemetery association are appreciated.  Written acknowledgement will be given for tax purposes.  The association thanks you for your help.

There will be a volunteer clean up day before Memorial Day.  Everybody is welcome to come out and help.  It would be nice if family members could come and clean up their loved ones area.  We plan on a potluck lunch for the occasion.  We plan to map the Stone Church Cemetery during this time.  Volunteers are needed for this task.

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