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Gifts from WELCA - bench and from Church Council - engraved rock presented at going away reception for Pastor Linda and Tom.

from: Church Council

The church council met with Rev. Barb Streed from the SE MN Synod on Tuesday, September 7th. Rev. Streed provided a summary of the call process and presented an in-depth overview of phase one, The Leave-Taking/The Transition-Time, which is where we currently are in the call process. For the Leave-Taking portion of this phase, Rev. Streed wanted our congregation to be aware of the things that a pastor cannot do once they leave their call. This includes:

  • Officiating funerals for persons from the former congregation

  • Officiating weddings for persons from the former congregation

  • Interfering in the life, pastoral care or mission of the former congregation

  • Returning to or engage in the life of the congregation

  • Retaining membership with the congregation

These rules are not meant to be hurtful or spiteful but are in place to ensure that the outgoing pastor can leave well and that an incoming pastor feels welcomed and is able to build new relationships with our congregation without interference.

The Transition-Time portion of phase one involves choosing a method for finding a new pastor. There are five options or models the synod provides. The synod recommended that we move forward with Model 2, which involves finding an interim pastor to fill in on either a part-time or full-time basis until a permanent pastor is found. Additionally, they recommended using their New Model, which was created in light of the recent shortage of pastors. Currently, the number of pastoral openings exceeds the number of pastors searching for a call. The New Model is considered an interim to settled model. This means that an interim pastor would be hired on a trial basis, usually lasting 1-2 years, with the intent of them becoming a permanent full-time pastor. This model gives both the pastor and the congregation the opportunity to determine if they are a good fit.

The synod will start working immediately on reaching out to potential pastors that are looking for a call. As they find candidates, they will send their information to the council for consideration. Communication will be frequent from the synod and pertinent information will be passed on to the congregation.

For the time being, pulpit supply has been lined up for the next eight weeks. If we are nearing the end of this timeframe and we still do not have an interim pastor, the council will work on lining up future pulpit supply. In the meantime, the council will start the process of forming a call committee. We ask the congregation to prayerfully consider joining or to think of other congregation members that may provide valuable insight to the selection process. Please reach out to a council member if you are interested or have any recommendations. This process may be long, but we all need to practice patience and know that God is guiding us and watching over us in this time of change and transition.

In Christ's Love,
Cross of Christ Church Council


The American-Norwegian service for September 26, 2021 at the Stone Church has been cancelled due to covid-19 concerns. It will be rescheduled in the spring. Please watch for details.

Donna VanGundy has blessed us with some of her wonderful “Red Pickles” which were served at the annual fall supper in the past. If you would like these pickles for your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, they are now for sale at Cross of Christ. The refrigerator in the back room has the pickles in it with a box to put payment in, or you can pay in the church office. There are a few jars of Beet Pickles and Refrigerator Pickles too. Hurry before they are all gone!
Please bring exact change.
Red Pickles $10 quart          $5 pint
Beet Pickles $ 5 quart          $2.50 pint
Refrigerator Pickles $4 quart

September 17, 2021

Dear beloved in Christ,

As I pack my office and stand in the pulpit one final time.
Sometimes we are pulled into something new before we trust that what has been already accomplished. If these walls and pews could talk. I have felt your sweat and heard your cries. I watched you steal a nap or two. This is where you tried and failed and found hope again. This where you collected yourself and received forgiveness, grace, and fresh hope.

My office is insignificant space, especially with cards, art, books, and boxes stacked against the wall, the shelves laid bare like I once found them.

It has been both hard and good to love you, people of God, to answer the call in this particular place. Though I came as an outsider, it is now clear that I belonged. I know you have been well loved by my words and presence. I have wondered if I was enough, and I know I was. I have hoped you felt blessed and know you do. Because you have told and shown me.
I pack up reflecting a few things, but it is time. You have taught me to be a better pastor, and I have more to share with the world because of you.

I go forth with gratitude and a peaceful mind. Tie this blessing around your heart, and I will do the same. For we are bound by hope shared and grace measured beyond what one can carry alone.

Creating God, who makes all things new, prepare your heart and mind for new beginnings. Jesus the Christ, whose story makes us whole, knit your love for this call into the fullness of who you are. Spirit of possibility, who comes beside us with power, guide your discernment and delight from this day on and forevermore. Amen.
In Christ’s Love,
Pastor Linda

The first day of Sunday School will be October 1, please watch for more information.

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