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Cross of Christ Annual Meeting

January 22nd, 2023

(after 9:30 service)

Annual Meeting Packets are available to view located in the Narthex.
Lunch provided by the men of the church following the Annual Meeting.


Join Us In-Person 

Church Service at 9:30 AM

Sunday School at 10:30 AM 

Coffee Hour at 10:30 AM




No bulletin available for January 22, 2023

(Permission to podcast/stream the music in this service obtained from One License with license #A-725137.  All rights reserved.)

C of C Worship Videos are on You Tube!

Did you know you can find worship videos and more uploaded to our very own You Tube channel.

Follow this link to subscribe and watch worship video at your convenience.

* Cross of Christ Congregational Meeting

     On February 5, Cross of Christ will be holding a congregational meeting following the church service. During this meeting, a vote will be taken to officially call the pastor recommended by the call committee. Information about the pastor will be shared prior to the vote. 


January 22:     
9:30 In-person Third Sunday after Epiphany Contemporary Worship Service with Noisy Offering /FB Live
10:30 Annual Meeting
10:30 Sunday School

11:30 Lunch provided by the men of the church
MONDAY:      Pastor's Day Off


9:00 Quiet Prayer Time
11:00 Prayer Group
6:30 Confirmation & Club 56 (Simple supper 6:00)


FRIDAY:           2:00 W/ELCA meeting


9:30 In-Person Fourth Sunday after Epiphany Worship / FB Live
10:30 Sunday School
10:30 Reception for Pastor Forbes's final Sunday and for Inez Abraham's 97th birthday

Looking Ahead…………..
February 1 Prayer Quiet Time, Prayer Group, Confirmation & Club 56
February 5 Congregational meeting to vote on the call for the new pastor 
February 6 Youth & Family Event Tailgating before GBB
February 18 W/ELCA Valentine's Brunch (10:00 AM: Tickets $6.00)
Area Events:
January 22 Bethany Free Church Soup 'N Chili Missions Fundraiser
March 3-5 International Festival of Owls
Schedule -Coffee hour Hosts-10:30 AM
January 29 Ann Abraham, Krin Abraham
February 5 Carol Meeks and Sheryl Sherry

Cross of Christ Year End Giving Statements

2022 Giving Statements are complete and are available to pick up this week.

Statements that are not picked up will be mailed.



Ushers Needed
Confirmation-aged students can use this activity to fulfill one of their service requirements for confirmation.

We are looking to expand the number of people willing to usher on Sundays. Families or friend groups may sign up for one Sunday or a group of Sundays. Most Sundays only require two ushers, which could be an adult and an older child or two adults. We are trying to fill the schedule through the end of the year, so multiple opportunities exist. Confirmation-aged students also could use this activity to fulfill one of their service requirements for confirmation. Please contact Jim Edwards at 896-2386 or the church office at 896-3102 or to request a Sunday for your family. 

IMG_2248 (2).JPG


W/ELCA will be having a Valentine Brunch this year instead of a lunch. The brunch will be held on February 18 at 10 AM. Tickets for the brunch will be $6.00 and will be available soon for purchase.

Denise Rostad will be the guest speaker. She will be talking about her mother's book, which Mary Rostad wrote with Susan Hessel. Squirrel is Alive: A Teenager in the Belgian Resistance and French Underground is the incredible story of Mary Rostad's early life. Rostad was 16 years old when the Nazis conquered her home city of Brussels in 1940. She joined the resistance movement, serving in Belgium and later France, primarily as a courier of underground documents. At the end of World War II, Rostad met U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Allen Rostad. They married and moved to Houston, Minnesota, in 1946. Forty years later, Mary was awarded with the Ellis Island Medal of Honor for her service to our country. 

"Cross of Christ's Food Pantry
Take What You Need, Give What You Can"

Reminder:  The need is still here to supply products that can withstand the cold weather and freezing temperatures.

 You have probably seen the Little Free Pantry box in front of Cross of Christ. The purpose of the Little Free Pantry (LFP) is to have food and supplies available to anyone in need at any time. The LFP is completely stocked by church members and other Houston citizens who wish to donate items. The motto of the LFP is "Take what you need, give what you can." Donations of non-perishable food items are always appreciated, including rice and pasta dishes; cereal; snack crackers; etc. During the summer feel free to leave any extra produce from your garden on the shelf on the back of the LFP. Hygiene items such as toilet paper, toothpaste/toothbrushes, and soap are also welcome. If you find the LFP is full, please hold your donations and check back later. If you or someone you know could use any of the items in the LFP, you are welcome to use them. If you'd like to learn more about LFP projects, you can find locations and other information at

For Sunday School and Confirmation  Information, Click here to check for new announcement. 

Cross of Christ Prayer Time
Wednesday morning prayer time will be resuming. The Sanctuary will be available from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Wednesdays for quiet prayer time and reflection.  All are welcome.

 Call Process Explained

The call committee, within the authority given to them by the church council, has recommended a new pastor, who will be our settled or "forever" pastor. This means the called pastor will be with us until they take a new call, if ever. Pastor Jeff is our interim pastor, who is with us to help us through the call process to find our new settled pastor and is finishing his interim assignment on January 31.
The call committee is in total agreement that the pastor whom they have recommended for a call is the right pastor for Cross of Christ. The new pastor needs to be able to tell their current congregation about our call so we cannot release their name until they have had a chance to tell the parishioners at their current church. Even though that call has been extended, we too still have a few loose ends to secure before the new pastor can join us and be installed.
First, we need to have an official vote to call the pastor and then plan for their installation. The ELCA does not allow a new pastor to be installed until at least two (2) weeks have passed since the outgoing pastor has left. Since Pastor Jeff will be with us through January 31 and preaching on January 29, a new pastor is not allowed to be installed until February 19 at the very earliest. Therefore, we will have guest pastors at least for the services on February 5 and February 12. Therefore, the vote to officially call the pastor has been scheduled for February 5, two weeks from today. This follows our congregational constitution of providing at least two (2) weeks of notification before a congregational meeting. We will have the congregational meeting immediately following the church service on that date to finalize our call. The informational biography of the pastor will be shared at this time. After the vote is finalized, the installation date can be scheduled by Larry Jerviss, our Cross of Christ Church Council President; the new pastor; and a representative of the Southeastern Minnesota Synod of the ELCA, who will be presiding over the installation during the Sunday church service. As soon as the installation date has been determined, notification will be shared with the congregation.
Second, we need to plan for welcoming the new pastor. Besides the support extended by council and call committee members, planning events (such as cottage meetings) to welcome the new pastor and to help the new pastor get to know the congregation sets a tone for strong working relationships. It is also important to remember the family of the pastor as we think about how to welcome and acquaint them with our community. More information will follow, but if you have an idea that could help in this process, please share your thoughts with a church council member.
Third and finally, we, as a congregation, need to acknowledge the work of the call committee and thank them publicly in worship prior to the new pastor's arrival. The ELCA has provided a Liturgy of Thanksgiving for the Work of the Call Committee, which could be used for this process.

Simply Giving

     Some of you might remember the grapes graphic as the picture that was included on the Simply Giving paperwork. Simply Giving, as a name in Vanco, does not exist anymore due to copyright infringement with a company based out of Southeast Asia. For those who had an account set up by the church office in Simply Giving, your account is still active in the Vanco system. If you would like to manage this account yourself, you may find your account in the Vanco app (search "Vanco Mobile Faith Engagement") and make your own changes to your account.  To search for Cross of Christ in the Vanco platform, search for Cross of Christ, Houston MN to get to the correct church. In this way you can change anything that was originally set up in Give Plus or Simply Giving.
      For those who would like to utilize the church office for changes to your account, the church office administrator is very willing to assist you. For example, if you have recently changed your bank and need to change routing numbers for your electronic giving, you can call or email the church office with the new routing number for your bank and for your new account. Please include the former bank and account information since many members have more than one account set up in Vanco and we want to ensure the correct account is modified. 
      For those who want to use envelopes, we have "forever" envelopes that are not dated so they, like the forever stamps, never become outdated. Envelope packets are available in the narthex.
     If you have any questions about any of the giving options, please contact the church office.

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