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Stone Church 8:30 AM

(every Sunday through September 3rd)

Cross of Christ

(excluding the first Sunday of the month)

(During the summer, Facebook Live will be at 8:30)






June 4, 2023

(Permission to podcast/stream the music in this service obtained from One License with license #A-725137.  All rights reserved.)

Reflections and Prayers


Jude 1:20-21  “But you, dear friends, must build each other up in your most holy faith, pray in the power of the Holy Spirit, and await the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ, who will bring you eternal life.”


Devotional:  Use it or lose it!


If I come home with three bags of groceries and happen to drop one of those bags, Murphy’s Law guarantees that I always will drop the one with the eggs in it. Some of us treat our faith like a fragile egg. But faith isn’t fragile. Faith is given to us to use, to stretch, to flex and to develop. And the more we use our faith, the more faith we will have.


On the other hand, if we neglect our faith, it will atrophy. In other words, use it or lose it. Faith is like a muscle. The more we use it, the stronger it becomes.


In the scripture above, notice the emphasis is on faith doing things. Faith is praying, faith is staying the course and faith is keeping on practicing our own faith and supporting one another. Faith is active.


And we at Cross of Christ are so very blessed to have an active congregation! It is apparent we are ready, willing and able to grow our faith, using the gifts God gave us – such as the beautiful Stone Church building which is being used in new and special ways. We are using it, not losing it!!


Let Us Pray:  Dear Jesus, help us to become more and more like You. Let us grow in faith, hope and love. Help us to build each other up. Let us know the richness of feeling fulfilled when practicing and growing our faith through prayers, acts of kindness and bringing your spirit and love to others. We pray this in Thy Holy Name, AMEN.


(Authored by Lynn Meyer c/o CofC Prayer Group)


(June 4, 2023)


SUNDAY  June 4
8:30 Stone Church Worhship with Holy Communion/Noisy Offering/FB Live
Hog Roast
Bring a dish to share; side, salad or dessert.
Tours of the Historic Stone Church

7:00 Ruth Circle at Lynn Meyer's


11: 00 Prayer Group


10:00 V.V/10:30 H.C. Worship Services


Pastor's Day Off
Private Party Celebration


11:00 Sherman Cole Memorial Service with Military Honors at 11:45 (10:00 Visitation)


8:30 Stone Church  

10:30 Cross of Christ Second Sunday after Pentecost Worship Services with Holy Communion/FB Live
10:30 Coffee Hour

Looking Ahead………….
June 12 & 13 Do Days (9:00) Come join us for our quilting ministry
June 13 Executive Council Mtg. (6:00)
June 15 WELCA Trip to Vesterheim ( Leaving CofC Parking lot at 9a.m.)
June 20  Council Mtg. (6:00)
June 30 & July 1 Hobby Huddle (8:30)  All are Welcome

Area Events:
June 10 HAPI - Quilt Show (10-4)
June 24 Valley View Nursing Home Foundation 24th Annual Auction/Fundraiser  (4:00)

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Summer Worship Schedule


Celebrating the Stone Church History Events Calendar: (Please Bring your own lawn chair)


Summer Worship Schedule:

May 28 Memorial Weekend

Stone Church Service 8:30

Cross of Christ Service 10:15

June 4 Stone Church Service

8:30 Noisy Offering and Holy Communion

Hog Roast (bring a dish to pass sides or desserts). Tours of the Historic Stone Church Cross of Christ No Service in Town
Sunday July 2- 8:30 Worship Service/Hay Wagon Rides, Hotdog & Watermelon Feed (bring dish to pass sides or desserts).
Sunday August 6 - 8:30 Worship Service/Stone Church/St. Peters Cemetery Walk, Kids Scavenger Hunt with Prizes, (Potluck bring a dish to pass).

Sunday September 3- 8:30 Worship Service/Blessing of the Wheels & Backpacks, Old Fashion Church Picnic w/yard games.
(Noisy Offering Collection during these worship services)


We have had a special request from the Food Shelf!
Can you help us out by bringing cans of Fruit cocktail, mandarin oranges and other canned fruits to the worship services on June 11th

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